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Welcome to the R/Medicine 2021 Abstract submissions form! We welcome proposals for the following types of sessions:

  1. Lightning Talk (10 minutes)
  2. Regular Talk (20 minutes)
  3. Tutorial/Workshop (30 minutes to 3.5 hours)

We are particularly interested in submissions that discuss the following topics:

  • Clinical trials
  • Analytic bias and data ethics
  • New analysis approaches and packages
  • Data visualization
  • Reproducibility
  • Data management and analysis workflows
  • Applied uses of R in clinical practice

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Primary Speaker Information

R/Medicine is committed to a diverse and inclusive community. The following questions (which are optional) are asked in an effort to track our progress in increasing diversity at events, and will remain confidential.

What gender does the primary speaker identify with?
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Additional Speakers

We encourage team presentations! This way the person who isn't currently presenting can interact with the audience, field questions, and share links in the chat.

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Submission Details

Type of Submission*

*Please note that if your talk is selected as a Lightning talk, we will request that you submit a recording of the talk.

If your talk is selected, the Abstract Title you choose will be the Title shown in the conference schedule, often what attendees use as a starting point to determine if they will be interested in the talk. Choose your title carefully—make sure that it accurately describes what your talk will cover.

Provide an abstract that briefly summarizes your proposal (1250 characters maximum). Please write complete sentences, not bullet points.

Please write 2-3 sentences to describe the intended audience of the talk and how your audience (and the R/Medicine community) will benefit from your presentation.

Additional Information

The R/Medicine Program Committee reviews many proposals, and having extra resources helps us gauge the speaker's experience and expertise.

If you have any links to previous talks showcasing you or any of your speakers, please share below. Other resources, like links to published books, LinkedIn profiles, or relevant blog posts, are also appreciated. We welcome applications from new speakers, so don't worry if you don't have previous talk recordings to submit here. Even a YouTube video of yourself speaking for a couple of minutes could help the reviewers.

Code of Conduct

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